22 Dec 2010


Framework for getting process information

Find it at: cpan


This modules gets the process information

Who should use it?

Very useful for sysadmins

Good features:

Good to extract process related information and it is very fast

What are the drawbacks or problems?

Not working on some Linux flavors
There are 13 open bugs

Example code:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

print join("\n", &memusage), "\n";
exit 0;

# memusage subroutine
# usage: memusage [processid]
# this subroutine takes only one parameter, the process id for
# which memory usage information is to be returned. If
# undefined, the current process id is assumed.
# Returns array of two values, raw process memory size and
# percentage memory utilisation, in this order. Returns
# undefined if these values cannot be determined.

sub memusage {
use Proc::ProcessTable;
my @results;
my $pid = (defined($_[0])) ? $_[0] : $$;
my $proc = Proc::ProcessTable->new;
my %fields = map { $_ => 1 } $proc->fields;
return undef unless exists $fields{'pid'};
foreach (@{$proc->table}) {
if ($_->pid eq $pid) {
push (@results, $_->size) if exists $fields{'size'};
push (@results, $_->pctmem) if exists $fields{'pctmem'};
return @results;

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Perl monks

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