29 Nov 2010

Perl Monks Head Lines - 29-Nov-2010

Perl Monks Head Lines

1. Renaming an image file

2. why need my in a foreach loop?

use strict;
use 5.010;

foreach my $word (qw(abc def ghi)) {
say $word;

When using strict perl requires to declare even the loop variable of a foreach loop. Why is that? After all the $word v

3. Array values into a database help!

4. Get CID inline attachments with MIME::Parser

I have a postfix server which mailbox_command's into this perl script:


use MIME::Parser;

$parser = new MIME::Parser;
$foldername = time().int(rand(10)).int(rand(10)).int(ran

5. default hash name for GetOptions

I want to use GetOptions('foo','bar'), which provides default variables $opt_foo and $opt_bar.

Is there also a default hash provided with this call such as $opts{foo} ?
I realise I could do GetOpti

6. Help using Find::File::name

I'm a perl noob
I'm trying to inventory a bunch of file with .wgt extension and store the matches (from some seeded input) in a report at the end. I need the full path that Find::File::name provides

7. removing duplicates from a string list

8. URL-String-concatenation within Perl [applying to a loop]

Hello dear Perl-monks - good evening!

well i am currently workin on a parser that should fetch pages: i want to do it with Perl since this is the most pretty way to do it!

well - i have to build

9. cookie ssss

Thank you everyone for all your help

This is not a Perl question , but does any one know where to get a Firefox cookie
editor for Linux

Does anyone know where to find good informat

10. Getting range from N..end with list slice

A friend told me that there is some sort of new list slice range syntax in Perl 5.10 that would allow getting a range starting at some offset continuing thru to the last element in a list - no matter

11. "use 5.10.0" creates weird syntax error on sub named "default"

Hi Monks,

I am running 5.10.0 (on Mac Os), and I get a weird behavior. I wan't able to find any explanation so far, and I am quite puzzled. Before I file a bug report, I would like to seek your imme

12. Strange Behavior with XML::Simple when pulling info out of an XML file

I'm very lost. I am trying to do the following:
I have an XML file from Nagios. Here's the structure:

4 check_bigip_pool_connection
5 0
6 1
7 cur

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