26 Nov 2010

Perl Monks Head Lines - 26-Nov-2010

Perl Monks Head Lines

1. Attachments in emails and finding matches and cross referencing

1st question:
Is there a library out there to read SMTP messages (written to disk in text form with attachments still encoded in various ways) and reliably extract the names of any attachments from t

2. Build Perl with glib1 or glib2

Venerable Monks,

I am compiling Perl 5.10.0 and Perl 5.12.2 on Solaris 8 (and later on Solaris 10). To support this, I have downloaded several packages required by GNU C++ (gcc) from www.sunfreewar

3. PAR::Packer fails to find dependencies when executed

I have encountered an issue which appears to be a bug in the Solaris build of PAR::Packer and may previously have shown up under BSD as well but works fine under Linux

Solaris run

bash-2.05$ pp -o

4. Calculating cross-correlation

5. find & replace a string in perl

Hi monks, i am struggling with editing a file , Iam opening a file and replacing string with a comment(#) at start of that line for example: i have a test.txt file in that there is string called "te

6. error showing LWP request failed

7. Search pattern from end of line


I need a perl reg-expression which extracts the pattern as below.

Basically we want to parse and extract the rpms from the packages.xml inside RHEL cd hence looking for a pattern which extrac

8. Selenium-rc Perl


Using Selenium I cam log into the wepage and get into home page. But I want to understand if it is possible to do following,

In home page When I give the name of third party pro

9. SQL Server parser

I am following the book "Real World SQL Server
Administration with Perl" by Linchi Shea. He has used
5.6.1 from ActiveState.com; Current / latest version
available is

10. Parsing command line options without knowing what they are

Greetings monks,

This seems like such a simple idea, but I can't seem to find any module that does it. I have a script that needs to take in a bunch of command line options in an open-ended set. I

11. Problems with INET, Select, and Win32

I have been trying to make the following code work without success. It is a simple thread waiting on a UDP port. I have lots of possible devices that may send packets to the port which are then simpl

12. SOAP::Lite returning a 404-error for a known-good URL

Hello all,
I am trying to convince SOAP::Lite to post to a .NET WCF web service. I expected interop problems, but I'm hitting a wall even sooner than I expected. When I try to POST the request,

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